Dr. Marija Risteska with 20 years of experience in the field of gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting (GRB), covers modules on the basic concepts of gender equality and GRB, best practices, public policy monitoring regarding gender mainstreaming and development of comprehensive reports.

Jurukovski holds a master’s degree in Economics. With more than 13 years of professional experience in the public, business and civic sectors, Jurukovski is specialized in public policy analysis and regulatory impact assessment, as well as feasibility studies. He has a thorough knowledge on GRB, and covers modules related to budget execution, as well as gender revenue and expenditure planning from gender perspective.

Arqimandriti is responsible for transferring knowledge related to gender equality concepts.

Strikovic covers the module that refers to the gender expenditures analysis.

Farnsworth has extensive experience in the field of GRB, but within the GBWN she is in charged on the modules related to lobbying and advocacy techniques in relation to the GRB, as well as women empowerment.

In the framework of GBWN, Guri co-trained the session on budget expenditure incidence analysis, with practical examples from KWN work with budget expenditures at the central and local level.

Natalia Vozian is an experienced and multilingual Public Policy and Gender Consultant. In the last 9 years, she has worked across multiple projects and gender equality consultancy areas, including EVAW, GRB and GM in leading global companies and UN organizations. With EMBA from University of Sheffield and certification from INSEAD, International Gender Diversity Program, she delivered more than 25 national and global mid to complex scale projects and have supported Governments to draft and implement strategic public policies, services and budgets for achieving socio-economic sustainability and gender equality. As part of her professional activity, Natalia has co-developed National Strategy on Ensuring Gender Equality between Men and Women in Republic for Moldova, area GRB and EVAW and the first National Strategy in Preventing and Combating Violence against women and children. She has a supported Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Labor in implementing GRB at the national level. As well she has contributed to building and strengthening the GRB expertise among local NGOs and have co-created the Regional GRB Watchdog Network ( Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Moldova). She is the author of several guides on application of social innovation in EVAW and migration. She has co-author of a gender equality guide for young people and community at general. Have extensive knowledge and experience in using gender analysis and gender mainstreaming in different socio-economic areas, including: migration, labor, children protection. Working with people from different cultures and regions, she has extensive practice in collaborating and communicating with virtual, on site and matrix structured teams and stakeholders, seeking always to find win-win solutions. Passionate about user experience, social innovation, design thinking, human and women rights, mentoring. Received UN Human Rights Award for Civic Activism.