Knowledge product - Delivering on SDG 5.c.1. In 2019 in Western Balkans and Republic of Moldova
A brand new GBWN publication - delivering on SDG 2019 in Western Balkans and Republic of Moldova.
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An interesting debate at London School of Economics by the members of the Women's Budget Group
An interesting debate at London School of Economics by the members of the Women's Budget Group after the Chancelor of Exchequer presented the #Budget2020. Some of the points being... this is not a women's or child budget as social care, single mothers, child poverty is not addressed. Tax cuts will benefit rich households and the local government funding is ever low which will affect delivery of services and have impact on quality of life women and men have. The Chancellor demonstrates a rather male dominated understanding of society if he considers pubs are seen as center of community Overall there is a lack of gender analysis for most of the budget interventions. This government turns from austerity to huge fiscal stimulus but there is nothing for women, business as usual.
Advanced training on GRB in Novi Sad
The Gender Budget Watchdog Network finished the advanced training for gender budget watchdoging in Novi Sad. We have an amazing group of 28 CSOs from 7 countries that are ready and excited to monitor budget spending from gender perspective, as well as appraising policies and budget proposals that will enhance gender equality.
Trained trainers after the first project activity in the framework of the “Gender Responsive Budgeting Network in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova”
During the three days event, the project staff of each participating partners, Center for research and Policy Making (lead partner), Ženska Akcija (Montenegro), Gender Knowledge Hub (Serbia), Keystone Moldova (Moldova), Gender Alliance for Development Centre (Albania), Center for civil society promotion (BiH) and Kosovo Women’s Network increased their capacities for application of Gender responsive budgeting tools and ensure that all project partners have the same understanding knowledge that can be transferred upon return t their countries.More precisely, we were familiarized with several topics such as entry points for GRB in the budgeting process, basics of budget literacy and revenue analysis, gender policy appraisal approaches, methods for conducting gender aware policy analysis and other issues.

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The advanced training on gender responsive budgeting is of particular importance to Radar as a new CSO that has yet to promote itself. We have acquired important knowledge, especially in terms on the modalities to prepare gender analysis on public policies and budgets. I highly recommend GBWN programs to anyone who intends to deal with this extremely important issue.

Gordana Micova Nestorovska