The Тraining center offers you a range of tools that will deepen your knowledge on gender responsive budgeting as a concept, but will also provide access to expert discussions and webinar discussions through which you can build on the already gained knowledge with examples and practical solutions from various social areas such as climate change, crisis management ( i.e. Covid-19), public financial management and civil society organizations’ role and etc.

Hence, the Training center has three functionalities:

  1. Online trainings available through the GRB E-Academy 

In the GRB E-academy section, two modules of online GRB training are available: (a) basic training; and (b) advanced GRB training. Both trainings enable the trainee to dictate the pace of learning himself / herself using the electronic resources developed for the needs of the non-governmental organizations. All you have to do is choose the module you are interested in, follow the registration steps for the e-academy and gain enough knowledge on GRB that will allow you to be part of the family of active advocates and stakeholders for fairer budgets at national and local level, both for women and men. At the end of the training you also receive a certificate.

  1. E-library of trainings

In this section you can listen to all audio / video recordings from the GRB training modules for ROB for beginners, Advanced GRB training and GRB in public finance and public procurement.

  1. E-library of webinars

In this section you can listen to all audio / video recordings from the webinars held so far within GBWN.

Additionally, you have at your disposal a number of manuals and learning materials that will make you a true GRB expert and advocate.