Our e-academy on Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is intended primarily for the representatives of civil society organizations that want to improve their capacities in this area and to increase the use of GRB in their work in monitoring public policies and public finance. But, the training is open for all interested individuals – practitioners, scholars, civil servants, activists who are very welcome to join.

Training is also a kind of ‘initiation’ in GBWN so we also welcome you to our network as well!

If you are interested in joining our training courses please:

(1) Write an e-mail to gbwn@crpm.org.mk in which you will list the following details: 

  • Name and surname; 
  • Country; 
  • Short motivation why do you want to complete the GRB for Beginners module;
  • Which language variation(s) you want to be enrolled to (English, Albanian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian/Montenegrin/Bosnian).

(2) You will receive a return email with a username and password. 

(3) With the username and password you log in to the platform https://gbwnacademy.net/ and follow the instructions received.

The first training consists of two modules: the basic and advanced GRB and it is open on the ongoing basis.

MODUL 1 – Gender-responsive budgeting – basic includes: 

  • Lesson 1 – Gender mainstreaming 
  • Lesson 2 – Definition and key concepts in GRB 
  • Lesson 3 – Tools and approaches in GRB 
  • Lesson 4 – The roles of different actors 

MODUL 2 – Gender-responsive budgeting – advanced includes: 

  • Lesson 1 – Entry points for GRB in the budget process 
  • Lesson 2 – Budget classifications and approaches to GRB   
  • Lesson 3 – Gender analysis  
Each of the following courses will be open for the limited amount of time. 

We are hoping that you are going to enjoy the training! The GBWN learning officer is at your disposal for answers and discussions.