• The path of GRB from the budget circular to the budget

  • Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and SIDA
  • Montenegro
  • 1 year
  • Target Groups

  • Persons working on budget creation in 10 spending units of the budget of Montenegro and employees in the Ministry of Finance – Directorate for State Budget.

  • Main Activities

  • The main activities to be implemented are:
    1. Development of Policy Analysis of one budget spending unit and Guide to gender responsive budget;
    2. Design, prepress and printing of prepared materials;
    3. Production and printing of advertising material;
    4. Written communication and meetings with heads of state institutions – advocating for the introduction of GRB;
    5. Holding a two-day training on human rights, gender equality and the process of introducing GRB;
    6. Consultations with training participants during the preparation of the budget proposal;
    7. Cooperation with the media

  • Short Description

  • The project will help to identify gender-responsive budgeting in the budget, and for that it is necessary that people who create a budget in spending units be gender-aware and know how to use GRB tools.

  • Achieved or to be Achieved Results

  • The project will help to understand how programs and policies should be planned so that all members of society benefit and fight for gender equality, because the introduction of GRB is one of the most progressive reforms implemented by the state, with the aim that all citizens and citizens have equal conditions for development.We will introduce the general public to the concept of GRB, and above all employees in state institutions.
    By advocating GRB, we will create a network of people who support its introduction.
    We will interest the media to deal with this topic.

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